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January 2021 Top Airmiles Boosting Hacks

Here are the top ways to earn and maximise your point earning on travel point programs such as BA Executive Club, Virgin Miles, Lufthansa Miles and More, Marriott BonVoy, IHG and lots more. Earn every day of the year and reap the benefits those points have to offer when it comes to holiday time πŸ™‚

How Many Avios Points and Rewards Can I Realistically Earn?

Often reward schemes only look appealing to frequent flyers and business travellers – and in reality it’s true, it does favour those individuals. BUT it’s surprising the rewards that can be grabbed by less frequent flyers and how further up the plane you can reach by doing very little more than you are doing already. How does Business Class return sound? There are many ways to turbo boost your rewards that 95% of others miss out on and earn over 130,000 Avios points in one year!

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The Beginners Point Booster - Start Here!

It can often feel overwhelming and also make you feel uncertainty when trying to make sure you’re trying to boost your points and miles. Especially when starting out afresh. This guide is for you. I’ll show you the best places to start, what to join, where to join and those unknown places that can really make your points grow. Follow this guide and you’ll be well on the way to becoming a Points Guru yourself!